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Amino Acids are vital biological components that combine and synthesize to form muscle protein. There are 20 different amino acids chemically known, whereby 9 of these are essential within the body. Being essential means these amino acids possess unique biochemical value and must be consumed through the diet, whereby the demands for amino acids are vastly increased with physical activity.

Amino acids are therefore a dietary and training fundamental that are imperative for all ambitious athletes aspiring to gain strength, power, endurance and stamina during or after exercise. Powerman Amino acids have been intensively formulated; producing products that are of the purest composition whilst acquiring a maximum level of convenience.

Each Powerman Amino Acid sequence encompasses a superior blend of essential and non- essential amino acids that act instantaneously to replenish stripped muscle stores, without the addition of carbohydrates or fat. The Powerman Amino Acid collection presents an extensive range of products in a variety of forms including powders, tablets, capsules, free form amino acids, liquids and drinks, each developed individually to enhance muscle recovery for every striving fitness amateurs.

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