Lean Muscle

Lean Muscle

For some individuals, gaining muscle often begins with an anabolic "bulking phase" closely followed by a fat loss "cutting phase". However, we know nutrition is not a one size fits all concept, whereby for those aspiring to independently increase lean muscle mass, tailored premium nutrition is required.

Within the Powerman lean muscle range, each individual product has been engineered to enhance the growth of lean muscle mass without a subsequent gain in body fat. Through the incorporation of essential micronutrients, amino acids and protein enzymes, the lean muscle collection can act to prevent muscle atrophy and catabolism whilst simultaneously promoting the growth of lean muscle mass.

Suitable for:

  • Athletes and sportspeople aiming to enhance muscle anabolism and the growth of lean muscle tissue.
  • Individuals aspiring to limit weight gain in the form of fat and minimise body fat composition.
  • Sportspeople looking to maintain body composition, muscle mass and a strong physical physique.

The Range

Powerman protein, creatine and amino acids within the lean muscle selection offer the ultimate anabolic enhancement, with a minimal carbohydrate and fat content.

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