Power sports

The name says it all - Powerman is the perfect brand to support your progress in sports that require powerful performances. The demanding nature of sports such as boxing and powerlifting make the importance of your nutritional intake a fundamental concept, whereby it is vital to encompass the strength and energy levels necessary to perform at your maximum capability.


Power is generated by our muscles and therefore it is important to provide them with the needed nutrition for ultimate performance and the ability to grow and repair. Protein intake therefore plays a crucial role when it comes to muscle growth, where the Powerman power sports range certainly has plenty for you to choose from. Combine our Amino Liquid and BCAAs to stimulate repair and growth and be ahead of the competition.

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Boxing / MMA

Undeniably two of the most physically challenging sports around, boxing and MMA demand the highest levels of fitness from its dedicated athletes and amateurs. Meeting your nutritional needs therefore becomes an integral part of obtaining the required fitness levels to succeed in the ring.

The Range

Strength, power and endurance are key attributes for combat sport competitors, all of which can be improved through the use of Powerman supplements. Gain a crucial advantage over your opponents by working our proteins, carbohydrates and recovery formulas into your nutritional plan, ensuring you have the strength and stamina required to meet the physical demands of a fighter.

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Cycling is a highly demanding sport in a number of ways whereby high levels of bodily stress after intense cycling activity can leave the body's muscles depleted and cravings essential supplies of fuel. If left un-replenished, a lack of nutrition can allow the body to become extremely tired; altering mood and ability and increasing your chances of fatigue. Therefore selecting the right nutrition is critical for encompassing the power your body needs for cycling.


Whether you partake in cycling as an amateur, professional or enjoy as a serious hobby, the Powerman® range available will cover all nutritional needs and help support your athletic recovery. We provide before, during and after nutrition specifically tailored for cycling. Elements of the range also include several carry-on products, presenting the ultimate convenience for you to take along on your ride, keeping you fuelled and on track.

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Martial Arts

Sports such as Karate, Kickboxing and Taekwondo are predominantly high anaerobic and aerobic sports. Within the physical demands of martial arts calorie requirements can become a dominating factor with performance and ability leaving pre training nourishment and recovery to be a significant concept.

In order to ensure your body receives adequate nutrition and full protection, Powerman can provide the ultimate macronutrient ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fats.


The term self-defence is often used in Martial Arts when performing and practicing, that's why we advise making your nutritional intake your ultimate weapon of defence, enhancing your performance and the power of your attack on even the strongest opponent. Like any sport, the right supplementation regime can act to support the sport you participate in, the same goes for Martial Arts. View our range developed for before, during and after this demanding sport.

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Another sport with a strongly established link to the Powerman brand is powerlifting; through combining products with the upmost premium quality we have been fulfilling the nutritional needs of power lifter's since the brand was born in 1979. Powerlifting is a sport primarily associated with strength, determination and raw passion, whereby even the most dedicated athletes require nutritional optimisation through dietary supplementation.


With strength being a top priority within powerlifting, protein is nutritionally fundamental for the growth and maintenance of strong muscle mass. Therefore the incorporation of protein supplements are a nutritional must to reach top levels of performance. Moreover, in order to maintain a supreme level of power, muscle recovery holds a high degree of significance, whereby the consumption of various Powerman amino acids can maximise your ability, allowing for complete success.

Recommended products for powerlifting

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