Water Sports

Aerobic endurance, strength and a good level of physical fitness are all attributes that are strongly required to succeed in water sports. Participating in water sports requires a supreme level of physical power and the ability to repeatedly exert extreme amounts of force over a prolonged period of time.

Water sports can include rowing to canoeing, whereby the ability to keep up the pace can be the difference between winning and losing a race. A high endurance capacity and large power output requirement means athletes face an increased demand in dietary requirements, that’s why Powerman have developed a premium range of dietary supplements to maximise your performance and muscle recovery.


From our BCAA’s, original Powerman Spices and 100% Pure Creatine, we have the supplement stack to guarantee maximum results.

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Due to predominantly being an ocean sport mastering balance whilst having good cardiovascular health, endurance and flexibility are crucial physical factors within surfing. Not only this, but an optimum power to weight ratio is also included within a surfers set of physical skills, requiring progressive and focused development through practice and time. Subsequently the correct nutrition should be implemented immediately in order to fulfil the high energy demanding nature of dedicated surfers.


Like any sport, knowing how to prepare is important and surfing is no different. A rich protein and carbohydrate diet is highly recommended, whereby maintaining high fluid levels and sustaining energy is of paramount importance to ensure safety of surfers and to promote increased performance.

Powerman offers a wide range of products suited to surfers to cover all their nutritional needs, to mention a few; Zero Carb Drinks, Carnipresso Shots, 100% Whey, Vitamins and Minerals and L-Carnitine.

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To really benefit for your time in the water, whether it be short-distance, mid-distance, long-distance or a sprinter, replenishing your energy levels and muscle stores is crucial when it comes to swim sports.

The ATP system diminishes whilst swimming; therefore the inclusion of creatine can help support the restoration of energy, whilst optimising endurance and performance. Additionally, during swimming activity our natural storage of carbohydrates and fluids are quickly reduced, whereby supplementing with high nutrient rich fluids can help the body to re-hydrate.

In order to maximise swimming benefits, supplementation plan is fundamental whereby glutamine and proteins can contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass whilst supporting the repairing process of the body.


Products such as Zero Carb drinks, Crash Weight Complex, Body Mass Builder, Amino Liquids and Muscle Fuel 50/50 are only a few which swimmers can benefit from adding to their routine.

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Water Polo

Water polo is a popular sport that has been continuously contested in every single Olympic Games. The skill set within the nature of water polo consists of high intensity sprints, treading water using the eggbeater technique and developing the ability to jump horizontally or vertically in water, whereby due to game rulings players are forbidden to touch the bottom surface of the pool.

This sport involves using a large variety of strokes and muscle groups in order to contribute success within different elements of the game.


Water polo players swim an average of 3-4kilometres during four quarters; therefore the energy demands on the body are enormous. A very high carbohydrate and protein rich diet is consequently required with a tailored high calorie structure before and after games or practice. Additionally an Intra-workout in-between quarter?s is highly recommended to keep energy levels high.

Powerman offers a wide range of products suited to water polo players to cover all their nutritional needs before, during and after. Products such as; Body Mass Builder, Protein 85, Zero Carb Drinks, Carnipresso Shots, Glutamine, Zinc and L-Carnitine. The Mass Builder Bundle has everything you need.

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