Field Sports

Predominantly field sports are outdoor oriented involving mainly contact sports. Whether it is the likes of football, rugby or lacrosse; the repeated requirement for short and long bursts of energy means demands for energy become exceptionally high. Power, strength, endurance, agility, flexibility and balance are just a few of the physical attributes needed to formulate a competent field sports participant.


Consuming an adequate source of protein and the correct level of carbohydrates at the right time plays a crucial positive role within the performance of any field sport. Nourishing the body with essential dietary supplements before a game or practice therefore becomes a top priority to leave you feeling energised during a game. Additionally, the intake of an intra-workout during breaks can also support hydration, encouraging the prevention of your body falling into a catabolic state.

Although pre game nutrition can be a vital aspect within performance, in order to maintain a winning performance post nutrition holds an recognised significance whereby muscle recovery after a game or training is a critical concept for any serious sportsman.

Products such as Zero Carb drinks, Protein 85, Body Mass Builder, Amino Liquids, Muscle Fuel 50/50, Creatine and Glutamine are only a few which participants of any field sport can benefit from adding to their game.

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History has it the rules of Lacrosse were created in 1794, whereby it is widely known to be the fastest game played on two legs. The skill set of a lacrosse player includes passing, cradling, shooting, catching and close ball control. Therefore Lacrosse is an extremely demanding physical sport, encompassing hand-eye coordination, agility, regular bursts of high intensity sprints, speed and power, and all essential when dodging opponents.


A very high carbohydrate diet is required for lacrosse players incorporating fast and slow releasing proteins both before and after game play, in order to replenish nutritional stores and required energy levels, allowing for a top performance. Powerman offers the perfect range for lacrosse players including products such as Maltodextrin to help restore glycogen levels, Protein 85, Multi 9k, Zero Carb Drinks, Carnipresso, Kre Alkalin and Glutamine.

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Rugby is understood to have been invented in 1823 by William Webb Ellis. Since this time rugby has evolved into a full contact sport that is played worldwide and operated by professional and amateur giants in terms of recognised physical size. The skills and attributes that make a great rugby player consist of, cardiovascular endurance, brute strength and power, delicate ball handling and sprinting.


A large energy and strength requirement means a rugby player needs to consume a vast amount of calories whereby the energy density of the diet becomes a dominating concept. Consequently a high intake of carbohydrates and liquid intake should be an important part of any normal rugby training routine.

Products such as; 100% Whey, Crash Weight Complex, Creatine, Glutamine, Amino Liquid, 6200 Free Form BCAA and Pure Maltodextrin can help support all aspiring rugby players to perform at a higher level.

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Football is recognised to be one of the most popular and endurance demanding sports in the world. The demands on cardiovascular fitness for both the likes of 11-a-side or 5-a-side football are extremely high, whereby sports supplementation is crucial to gain maximum level of performance and prevent injuries. As a result, during match periods such as half time the consumption of energy drinks and increased fluid intake becomes natural within football, consequently leaving selecting the right nutrition before, during a detrimental aspect.


Due to football being virtually the world's number one language of sporting activities, many people follow a nutritional strategy influenced by unreliable media sources. However, taking the time to understand the nutrition required by the body is the only way to positively make a different on how you feel, physical performance and muscle recovery. Some nutritional requirements remain the same, regardless of the position of play; however in the case of midfielders, who predominantly cover more ground in a game than that of a goal keeper, a different structures to nutritional intake may be required, and that's where Powerman are here to help.

Products such as, Zero Carb drinks, Protein 85, Whey 106, Creatine, Glutamine, Amino Liquids and Muscle Fuel 50/50 are only a few which footballers can benefit from adding to their game.

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