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The Powerman blend & formula array contains a series of innovative inter fusions that can provide any athlete with the adaptability to accommodate every fitness need. Each Powerman formula contains a broad range of amino acids, creating a profile of the highest standards which includes all 20 amino acids, offering the greatest advancement in muscle recovery.

All Powerman blends offer a premium level of nutrition, whereby each product is enriched with an extensive concentration of added vitamins and minerals, to provide an optimum level of health and wellbeing and a top sports performance . Each Blend & formula incorporates a scientifically developed hybridization of sports enhancing products, designed to meet a range of different fitness objectives.

The Powerman protein blends unite 9 different sources of protein, creating the ultimate formulas to integrate both muscle building and muscle recovery properties. Whilst the Powerman weight gain collection includes several nutrient formulas that combine multiple sources of high quality carbohydrates, proteins and an inclusive range of vital vitamins and minerals.

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