Winter Sports

With the increase of winter sports growing globally, it is important to protect yourself from the nutritional challenges when being exposed to these high energy demands, with high altitudes. Nutrition for winter sports can vary due to the physique and physiological characteristics, whereby energy consumption levels are vastly increased through to low temperature and cold environmental conditions.


Irrelevant to what skill level you possess it is important to ensure carbohydrate availability throughout winter sport activities. All participants therefore require greater nutrients and energy before, during and after activity. The Powerman selection of products are individually designed to issue all the nutrition required for winter sports, consisting of Slow Releasing Recovery Proteins, convenient Amino Acid Shots, Creatine, BCAAs and selected products from the Powerman Spice Range and many more.

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Within skiing activities, extreme cold weather conditions and full days and sporadic intervals can place real emphasis on the nutrition your body. Therefore in order to enjoy this great pastime or profession any dedicated skier requires greater nutritional focus and calorie intake. It is important to be fully fuelled and hydrated which primarily involves choosing the right nutritional products to keep you mentally astute and physically equipped.


Stimulating nutrition before, during and after skiing can directly act to support recovery, increased performance and improve energy levels throughout skiing activities. View the chosen range available for skiers extending from convenience carry-on products to the everyday nutrition supplements needed to keep you fuelled.

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Ice Hockey

Being one of the most physically demanding anaerobic sports around, ice hockey requires a huge amount of energy and strength. As a result, supplying the body with the right nutrition is just as important as practice to any serious ice hockey player.

Speed, balance, power, agility and sheer brute strength are vital attributes an ice hockey player requires in order to achieve a superior performance and prevent serious injury.


Powerman caters for the nutritional needs of all ice hockey players, through providing pre-workout supplements, amino shot, fast and slow release proteins, recovery products and creatine to support those gruelling on-ice and off-ice sessions.

Recommended products for ice hockey


Any snowboarder should be ready to use virtually every muscle in the body to perform each run in a coordinated fashion. This means mental concentration and physical abilities become prime attributes, where optimisation is of paramount importance. Therefore before hitting the slopes every snowboarder must not only be physically equipped but also nutritionally equipped to be focused and rested to perform all seriously strenuous manoeuvres.

In addition to physical performance, taking into consideration the effects of altitude and elevation can also act to boost metabolic rate, resulting in an increased energy demand to function, before your body even thinks about muscle recovery.


Powerman is committed to providing athletes and amateurs focused on snowboarding with a wide range of nutritional options to help improve overall performance and strength, whilst preventing injury and increasing fitness. View the chosen range available for snowboarders extending from convenience carry-on products to the everyday nutrition supplements needed to keep you fuelled.

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