Athletics covers a huge variety of sporting activities; most athletic sports are competitive in nature and highly popular within the amateur arena, making athletics one of the most participated sports in the world. Athletic events and activities can include everything from track and field, running and jumping to throwing, gymnastics and many more.


Within advanced athletic training many athletes put extra strain and emphasis on personal performance levels, therefore regardless of each individual athletic activity, muscle groups can become overused, highly contributing to a downfall of fatigue. However, the inclusion of premium sports nutrition can be a key component to all dedicated sportsmen.

Explore our exclusive Powerman range that has been specifically developed for athletics vitally incorporating fundamental training concepts from recovery with carbohydrate and amino acid products to physical performance and energy supplementation.

Recommended products for all athletic sports

Track & Field

In event-specific sports such as track & field nutrition is a critical aspect that can often involve a large degree of inter-variation. It is for this reason that depending on distance and activity, nutrition should be individually tailored, whereby the fuel required by the body essentially needs to balance individual needs based on chosen events.


Proteins and carbohydrates are important to consume in optimum ratios daily, which need to be maintained even in cases where an athlete or amateur is not specifically participating in a track and field activities. Therefore nutritional intake is a predominant concept within muscle recovery, in order to help regenerate muscle, maintain energy levels and improve your general wellbeing.

Powerman offers a great collection of sports performance products suitable for anyone participating in any track and field activity or event.

Recommended products for all track & field activities


Whether you participate in short, medium or long distance running, each dedicated runner requires the correct nutrition in order to perform at their desired level. It is not enough to just to compete, take part in a marathon event, or even take up as a hobby, if you want to achieve the best results and maximise enjoyment your nutrition and supplementation regime is a critical factor.

Implementing small changes to your nutrition can grant your body the fuel it needs to enhance performance, progress quicker and further reduce the chances of any injuries which can occur.


Powerman have devised a range specifically designed to combat all running needs, ensuring you can keep your energy levels up, keeping you on track and fuelled before and after running. Our range consists of the basics from the daily needs of vitamins and minerals, fast and slow releasing proteins, amino acid shots and carbohydrates.

Recommended products for runners


Gymnastics can appear to be a mesmerising sport that requires a superior level of strength and ability. Being one of the most demanding sports around, gymnastics places extreme stress on the body regardless of skill level, whereby consuming the correct nutrition is critical for supporting the body regardless of physical practice.

Understanding some basic nutritional principles can therefor act to enhance recovery, whilst preventing illnesses and injury.


Proteins, carbohydrates and fats are essential for normal bodily growth and functionality, therefore our selection of products can provide gymnasts with key nutritional elements, benefiting both professional and amateur gymnasts.

Recommended products for gymnasts

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