Muscle & Strength

Muscle and Strength

The Powerman muscle & strength range includes a collection of advanced products specifically formulated to meet your individual muscle building goals. By sourcing ingredients of the highest quality, each product within our muscle & strength array can be combined to create the ultimate supplement stack, designed explicitly to increase muscle mass, whilst providing a superior level of recovery.

Through the extensive choice of supreme proteins, including Powerman's Whey 106 and Multi 9K, in addition to elite gainer formulas and comprehensive amino acid mixtures, Powerman supplementation can act to directly maximise your strength gains.

Suitable For:

  • All athletes including bodybuilders, powerlifters and sportspeople, aspiring to increase strength, power and physical performance.

  • Those aiming to directly increase muscle mass whilst fulfilling individual dietary protein requirements.

  • Individuals looking to accelerate muscle recovery, the repair of muscle fibres and deliver a consistent level of strength in every performance.

The Range

The Strength & Muscle range includes all your anabolic essentials from quick-acting, high quality proteins and recovery formulas, to pre-workouts and complex post-workout blends, providing you with the tools to grow stronger than ever before.

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