Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Weight loss is a common goal among both professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts. That's why Powerman has developed a comprehensive weight loss range specifically developed to accelerate and aid the fat loss goals of any aspiring individual.

Through the combination of superior ingredients, products such as our thermo spice and 100% whey can act to biochemically increase your metabolism whilst healthily supporting your diet and training regime. The Powerman weight loss range has been specially innovated to decrease body fat stores so you can achieve and maintain your desired body composition.

Suitable for:

  • The Powerman weight loss range is an essential for all athletes looking to decrease body fat percentage and achieve a healthy, superior body composition.
  • Individuals aspiring to lose weight realistically and in a sustainable fashion, whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Athletes looking to increase energy levels, metabolism, and fat burning potential.
  • Bodybuilders looking to eliminate stubborn fat and achieve a low body fat percentage.

The Range

Protein is well known to contribute to the growth of muscle mass, though an increase in protein is also suggested for individuals aiming to accelerate the loss of body fat. Therefore, by incorporating products such as the Powerman Whey 106 together with our original Powerman L-Carnitine and Carnipresso into your daily supplement regime can significantly help step up your weight loss progress.

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