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The POWERMAN® Philosophy

POWERMAN® functional sports nutrition was developed specifically for both professional and serious athletes using cutting edge technology and research for over 35 years!

Committed to uncompromising quality and continuous development based on current sports and nutrition science, POWERMAN® offers goal-orientated nutrition solutions and specialty products. A wide choice of protein and amino acid products are as much part of POWERMAN®’s offering, as a broad selection of specialty products, designed to meet specific needs, depending on the type of sporting activity or individual training and performance phase.

Besides a careful selection of source material based on nutrient potency over price, POWERMAN® products differentiate mainly through intelligently designed functional formulations. This delivers a wider nutrition complexity based on nutrition science for a maximum, yet natural interaction of nutrients and therefore also your performance. Depending on product categories, POWERMAN® widely uses natural fruit powders and vanilla, optimising active ingredients such as fruit enzymes and vita-mineral blends that meet the special requirements of athletes. The same applies to the preferred use of premium gelatine-free/halal qualifying capsules and liquid amino products based on collagen protein from pure marine sources. POWERMAN® - intelligent functional nutrition, born in Berlin, Germany.

The Quality of POWERMAN®

We insist all of our suppliers conform to Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Point plans (HACCP), IFS certified and are all a minimum level ISO9001 certified, to ensure the highest quality premium sports nutrition ingredients, formulations and innovative product lines. POWERMAN® is also an online supplier for Kre Alkalyn®.

Secure Shopping

We make every effort to ensure the transaction process is safe and your shopping experience is 100% secure. The POWERMAN® website bears DigiCert SSL to provide complete peace of mind.

Next Day Delivery

In addition to providing free delivery on over £10 (UK Mainland only), we also offer a next day delivery service for orders placed before 9pm. We provide tracking numbers for all deliveries so you can follow your order every step of the way, from our warehouse to your doorstep. View our full range of delivery options here.


Following several rounds of evolution, POWERMAN® became a registered trademark in the early 1990s, first in Germany, Austria and Benelux, later in EU, Ukraine and Russia.

POWERMAN® evolved from the earlier name of E.H. Power, which became part of a body building focused business, established by Eberhard Heidrich in 1979.

Eberhard Heidrich had been among the first to bring the American concept of body building to Germany. Inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu, Frank Zane and Sergio Oliva, he opened his first body building centre near Cologne. As a body building promoter and coach he realized that there was no adequate sports nutrition for body builders available in Germany – and as a consequence found its own nutrition brand, which later became POWERMAN®.

Until today, the brand holds up to the highest demands of serious athletes. Some of Powerman’s signature products, like Protein 85 have their roots in serious body building with continuous evolution over time. The commitment to superior quality and the master-experience in creating perfect nutrient compositions at unparalleled taste have made to be a niche brand for serious athletes.

Powerman was among the first nutrition brands to recognize cultural nutrition diversity and to introduce non-pork or beef gelatine capsules. It still is a leader in offering Liquid Amino Acid from marine sources, while competitors opt for more common porcine or bovine source liquid amino products. Powerman is therefore a preferred choice for athletes with kosher, halal or vegetarian dietary lifestyle.

POWERMAN® is a registered trademark and also the trading name for TheHut.Com Ltd which is a registered company in England and Wales.