With the desire for a healthier lifestyle and optimal performance, the demand for sports nutrition is growing hugely. What were exclusive products for professional athletes back then is now standard for many amateur athletes.

With growth of the sports nutrition sector in Europe now outstripping North America and valued at a staggering $4 billion, it’s time to ensure your consumers have access to high quality products that also maximise your sales and your revenue potential.


With Powerman rapidly growing throughout many countries throughout Europe and beyond, we are committed to uncompromising quality and continuous development based on current sports and nutrition science.

We have a wide international trading history in Germany, Austria, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Russia, Greece, and many more…

Powerman works with independent gyms, sports clubs, sports nutrition distributors, pharmacies and health food wholesalers and other online retailers together to make our products and services are accessible to several different end-users.


We want to ensure that the process of establishing a trade partnership is as simple as possible so that you have more time to promote the products!

Powerman provides product information, advice and marketing support for our trading partners. We support you with our expertise in the areas of customer service and product development, helping you along the path to success.


Exploratory consultation to discuss order values, supply needs and carry out due diligence checks.

Returning the required signed documents (Powerman T&C's, company registration and VAT certificates).

Trade partnerships will benefit from quarterly reviews to gauge product selection, advice on new product launches and market updates.

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