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Your Goals

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During regular intense physical activity it is natural for the body to tire. However for dedicated athletes, underperformance during training and chosen exercise is often not an option. That's why Powerman have developed the ultimate energy range, comprising of a broad collection of complex products with the specific ability to increase and optimise your energy levels.

By incorporating advanced products such as Powerman Carnipresso and Powerman Spice Adrena, you can reach a supreme level of energy and focus, enabling you to train harder, stronger and faster, taking your performance to the next level.

Suitable for:

  • The Powerman energy range is ideal for sportspeople and individuals participating in sports such as athletics, running and cycling.
  • Ideal for individuals taking part in regular exercise, looking to temporarily increase energy levels and enhance physical performance.
  • Essential for all athletes aiming to increase speed and endurance during recreational activity, race events and training.

The Range

Powerman provides a number of excellent products for athletes and sportspeople looking for an energy boost in preparation for a training session or sporting event. Whether you require a reliable carbohydrate source such as Maltodextrin, a quick-release energy boost from the Powerman Spice Range, we have it covered.

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Health & Wellbeing

During intense exercise the body is often subjected to great physical stress, promoting an increase in the demand for macro- and micronutrients. Individual nutrition therefore becomes a top priority for any athlete, whereby an inadequate nutrient supply can significantly increase the risk of injury and illness.

Keeping this in mind, the Powerman Health & Wellbeing range was developed to include a wide selection of products individually enhanced with a broad spectrum of vital vitamins and minerals. By combining a series of health foods and multivitamin supplements, this range is explicitly designed to exceed your daily vitamin requirements.

Each Health & Wellbeing product acts to support the immune system whilst contributing to energy and macronutrient metabolism, ensuring you consume an optimum dietary balance.

Suitable for:

  • Sportspeople aiming to meet daily vitamin and mineral requirements.
  • Individuals looking to achieve an optimum nutritional status and wellbeing.
  • Athletes looking to maintain physical integrity and achieve a superior level of health.

The Range

The array of proteins on offer combined with the many vitamin and mineral boosting products, ensure that you have every supplement at your disposal in order to maintain a healthy dietary balance.

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Recommended Health & Wellbeing Products

Lean Muscle

For some individuals, gaining muscle often begins with an anabolic "bulking phase" closely followed by a fat loss "cutting phase". However, we know nutrition is not a one size fits all concept, whereby for those aspiring to independently increase lean muscle mass, tailored premium nutrition is required.

Within the Powerman lean muscle range, each individual product has been engineered to enhance the growth of lean muscle mass without a subsequent gain in body fat. Through the incorporation of essential micronutrients, amino acids and protein enzymes, the lean muscle collection can act to prevent muscle atrophy and catabolism whilst simultaneously promoting the growth of lean muscle mass.

Suitable for:

  • Athletes and sportspeople aiming to enhance muscle anabolism and the growth of lean muscle tissue.
  • Individuals aspiring to limit weight gain in the form of fat and minimise body fat composition.
  • Sportspeople looking to maintain body composition, muscle mass and a strong physical physique.

The Range

Powerman protein, creatine and amino acids within the lean muscle selection offer the ultimate anabolic enhancement, with a minimal carbohydrate and fat content.

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Muscle and Strength

The Powerman muscle & strength range includes a collection of advanced products specifically formulated to meet your individual muscle building goals. By sourcing ingredients of the highest quality, each product within our muscle & strength array can be combined to create the ultimate supplement stack, designed explicitly to increase muscle mass, whilst providing a superior level of recovery.

Through the extensive choice of supreme proteins, including Powerman's Whey 106 and Multi 9K, in addition to elite gainer formulas and comprehensive amino acid mixtures, Powerman supplementation can act to directly maximise your strength gains.

Suitable For:

  • All athletes including bodybuilders, powerlifters and sportspeople, aspiring to increase strength, power and physical performance.

  • Those aiming to directly increase muscle mass whilst fulfilling individual dietary protein requirements.

  • Individuals looking to accelerate muscle recovery, the repair of muscle fibres and deliver a consistent level of strength in every performance.

The Range

The Strength & Muscle range includes all your anabolic essentials from quick-acting, high quality proteins and recovery formulas, to pre-workouts and complex post-workout blends, providing you with the tools to grow stronger than ever before.

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Recommended Muscle & Strength Products

Sports Performance

Being an athlete is more than just a commitment to training; a unique level of determination can often leave you aspiring to deliver an improved performance in every training session. The Powerman sports performance range can benefit all athletes, from those participating in athletics and field sports, to bodybuilding and power sports.

Our extensive selection of pre workout products, including the original Powerman Carnipresso and Spice Thermo, incorporate a series of premium ingredients aimed to maximise your focus and determination whilst enhancing energy levels for the most agile and powerful performance. Additionally, the provision of comprehensive amino acid complexes and carbohydrates such as Pure Maltodextrin can act to deliver a fast supply of nutrients to demanding muscles, allowing you to attain the top level of performance in every match or training session.

Suitable for:

  • Individuals aspiring to deliver a maximum performance level with ultimate stamina and focus.

  • All athletes and sportspeople aiming to boost energy and take their training and gameplay to an unbeatable level.

  • Anyone looking to maintain power and provide a superior level of competition in any sport or physical activity.

The Range

From the selection of Powerman pre-workout products to our amino acid recovery essentials, we present a supreme range of products with outstanding biological value that can enhance any sports performance.

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Weight Loss

Weight loss is a common goal among both professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts. That's why Powerman has developed a comprehensive weight loss range specifically developed to accelerate and aid the fat loss goals of any aspiring individual.

Through the combination of superior ingredients, products such as our thermo spice and 100% whey can act to biochemically increase your metabolism whilst healthily supporting your diet and training regime. The Powerman weight loss range has been specially innovated to decrease body fat stores so you can achieve and maintain your desired body composition.

Suitable for:

  • The Powerman weight loss range is an essential for all athletes looking to decrease body fat percentage and achieve a healthy, superior body composition.
  • Individuals aspiring to lose weight realistically and in a sustainable fashion, whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Athletes looking to increase energy levels, metabolism, and fat burning potential.
  • Bodybuilders looking to eliminate stubborn fat and achieve a low body fat percentage.

The Range

Protein is well known to contribute to the growth of muscle mass, though an increase in protein is also suggested for individuals aiming to accelerate the loss of body fat. Therefore, by incorporating products such as the Powerman Whey 106 together with our original Powerman L-Carnitine and Carnipresso into your daily supplement regime can significantly help step up your weight loss progress.

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