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Athletics covers a huge variety of sporting activities; most athletic sports are competitive in nature and highly popular within the amateur arena, making athletics one of the most participated sports in the world. Athletic events and activities can include everything from track and field, running and jumping to throwing, gymnastics and many more.


Within advanced athletic training many athletes put extra strain and emphasis on personal performance levels, therefore regardless of each individual athletic activity, muscle groups can become overused, highly contributing to a downfall of fatigue. However, the inclusion of premium sports nutrition can be a key component to all dedicated sportsmen.

Explore our exclusive Powerman range that has been specifically developed for athletics vitally incorporating fundamental training concepts from recovery with carbohydrate and amino acid products to physical performance and energy supplementation.

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Nutritional intake is number one priority and a vital concept for both experienced bodybuilders and newcomers to the sport, whereby it is a well-known fact that to achieve desired bodybuilding goals, individual diet holds a dominating importance, even when compared to the best training regime. Achieving adequate nutrition can be a time consuming process whereby supplementation can become an essential part of any bodybuilder's routine.


The Powerman range is perfect for all your bodybuilding needs, whether your goal is to increase muscle mass, boost your performance in the gym, speed up recovery or lower body fat, we have the products you need to achieve your goals. Our extensive range of protein powders, amino acids and weight gainers will provide you with the nutrition required to succeed in reaching your targets.

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Field Sports

Predominantly field sports are outdoor oriented involving mainly contact sports. Whether it is the likes of football, rugby or lacrosse; the repeated requirement for short and long bursts of energy means demands for energy become exceptionally high. Power, strength, endurance, agility, flexibility and balance are just a few of the physical attributes needed to formulate a competent field sports participant.


Consuming an adequate source of protein and the correct level of carbohydrates at the right time plays a crucial positive role within the performance of any field sport. Nourishing the body with essential dietary supplements before a game or practice therefore becomes a top priority to leave you feeling energised during a game. Additionally, the intake of an intra-workout during breaks can also support hydration, encouraging the prevention of your body falling into a catabolic state.

Although pre game nutrition can be a vital aspect within performance, in order to maintain a winning performance post nutrition holds an recognised significance whereby muscle recovery after a game or training is a critical concept for any serious sportsman.

Products such as Zero Carb drinks, Protein 85, Body Mass Builder, Amino Liquids, Muscle Fuel 50/50, Creatine and Glutamine are only a few which participants of any field sport can benefit from adding to their game.

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Power sports

The name says it all - Powerman is the perfect brand to support your progress in sports that require powerful performances. The demanding nature of sports such as boxing and powerlifting make the importance of your nutritional intake a fundamental concept, whereby it is vital to encompass the strength and energy levels necessary to perform at your maximum capability.


Power is generated by our muscles and therefore it is important to provide them with the needed nutrition for ultimate performance and the ability to grow and repair. Protein intake therefore plays a crucial role when it comes to muscle growth, where the Powerman power sports range certainly has plenty for you to choose from. Combine our Amino Liquid and BCAAs to stimulate repair and growth and be ahead of the competition.

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Water Sports

Aerobic endurance, strength and a good level of physical fitness are all attributes that are strongly required to succeed in water sports. Participating in water sports requires a supreme level of physical power and the ability to repeatedly exert extreme amounts of force over a prolonged period of time.

Water sports can include rowing to canoeing, whereby the ability to keep up the pace can be the difference between winning and losing a race. A high endurance capacity and large power output requirement means athletes face an increased demand in dietary requirements, that’s why Powerman have developed a premium range of dietary supplements to maximise your performance and muscle recovery.


From our BCAA’s, original Powerman Spices and 100% Pure Creatine, we have the supplement stack to guarantee maximum results.

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Winter Sports

With the increase of winter sports growing globally, it is important to protect yourself from the nutritional challenges when being exposed to these high energy demands, with high altitudes. Nutrition for winter sports can vary due to the physique and physiological characteristics, whereby energy consumption levels are vastly increased through to low temperature and cold environmental conditions.


Irrelevant to what skill level you possess it is important to ensure carbohydrate availability throughout winter sport activities. All participants therefore require greater nutrients and energy before, during and after activity. The Powerman selection of products are individually designed to issue all the nutrition required for winter sports, consisting of Slow Releasing Recovery Proteins, convenient Amino Acid Shots, Creatine, BCAAs and selected products from the Powerman Spice Range and many more.

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